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Air-Sea Rescue Demonstration – Meikle Ferry South Side

A collection of 40 colour photographs taken by Dr Struan Robertson at an Air-Sea Rescue Demonstration carried out by RNLI and RAF at Dornoch Firth on Saturday 31 August 1991. The photographs were taken from the south side of Meikle Ferry.
A collection of the photographs has been made into the attached pdf file and each of the pictures bears a description transcribed as written by Dr Robertson on the back of the photographs....

Date Added: 13 February 2024

Scheduled air service at Dornoch Airfield

Monochrome photograph of a de Haviland DH104 "Dove" airplane with passengers at Dornoch Airfield.

This was part of a scheduled...

Date Added: 09 February 2024

St Finnbarr's Scottish Episcopal Church, Dornoch

Brief history of St Finnbarr's Episcopal Church, Dornoch presented in a single fold A4 sheet to achieve an A5 size pamphlet. Serv...

Date Added: 07 February 2024

Liz Hoey at work in Dornoch Pottery

Colour photograph of Liz Hoey at work in the Dornoch Pottery. A further four photographs of the pottery and its shop can accessed...

Date Added: 07 February 2024

Joiner's Flooring Jack

A joiner's flooring jack.
The jack is place on the joists and the handle turned to tighten the jack which in turn tightens the fl...

Date Added: 07 February 2024

Loch Laro Corn Drying Kiln

Photographs of a site visit and reports of a corn drying kiln on land by Loch Laro, Creich, Sutherland

Date Added: 31 January 2024

Camore- Sydera Archaeological Sites

A series of 4 drawings produced by Dr S Robertson showing:
1. The Camore-Sdera Woods, The Scardies, Davochfin and Drumdivan archa...

Date Added: 31 January 2024

Skelbo Castle

Skelbo Castle
A bundle of various documents, letters and newspaper cuttings related to the campaign to prevent the demolition of...

Date Added: 31 January 2024

A Sabbath Invasion of Ross-shire

Newspaper cutting from the Northern Times of January 12th 1973 entitled “A Sabbath Invasion of Ross-shire” concerning and an episo...

Date Added: 31 January 2024

Herring Fishing Industry

A series of 25 A3 interpretation display boards about the herring fishing industry and also about Embo and its fishing fleet.


Date Added: 24 January 2024


The two golfers are J Matheson and R A Murray (J Seatter on extreme left with D Lovell behind him) The golfer on the left is Jimmy Miller, Willie Skinner on the right (probably Carnegie Shield final) The person swinging the golf club is Jim Seatter, not Ian McNaughton. I believe this was a Northern Counties match against Nairn (Neil Gordon's home Club) I just had another look at this photograph and realized that the handwriting on its edge is identical to the writing I have seen on other photographs of Embo pe This map is fasinating .Dr william gordon stables was my great,great grandfather i find my family tree a wonderful asset.I know quite alot about my great,great I bought a postcard of Joseph Chamberlin many years go from a flea market. I rediscovered it today and it is addressed to "Miss E M Munro c/o Mr G Munro, Draper Very interested to see the statue of Donald Ross, My 1st cousin 2 removed Janet K Conchie married Donald Ross.I am in touch with his grandaughter in USA my 3rd This summer I was pleased to conduct the son and granddaughters of Col Ferguson around many of the sites in the Beauly area that had connections to the CFC pr Hello, I'm working on a docu-drama series called American Dynasty. One of the episodes is about Andrew Carnegie and his family. Is is possible to locate Mrs Williamina M MacDonald (the apparent signatory of the letter) lived at Elmbank in the 1930s when she was a Dornoch town councillor. See The Scotsman - Tues I'd like to see some actual evidence or proof that Lillias set fire to railway stations and the racecourse.