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Dornoch Medical Centre Tree maintenance

Dornoch Medical Centre Tree maintenance

Date Added: 09 June 2020 Year: 2020 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2020_010_22 | Picture No: 14421

With Covid restrictions on access to the Dornoch Medical Centre, the quiet period enabled tree surgeons to work adjacent to the car park.

Telephone contact was required to make an appointment for essential consultation at the Dornoch Medical Centre. There was controlled entrance through front and back doors and 2m spacing requirement for those waiting outside.

There had been an early decision, announced on 13 March to cancel out-patients appointments, elective surgery and all but urgent emergency admissions to Raigmore Hospital, Inverness. Ultimately, as the lock-down prolonged, there was NHS recognition, at primary GP level and secondary level hospital A&E departments, of dwindling patient numbers, well below norms. Mindful of the high infection risks posed by coronavirus plus the Covid-19 pressures on the NHS, it was apparent that there had been reluctance in the socially isolating population to seek appointments and go near NHS premises. An NHS public relations exercise had to be launched to stress that those with concerns about their health should not delay, at risk of making their condition worse, in seeking GP appointments or reporting to A&E.

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