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Gin Distillery production of hand-gel

Gin Distillery production of hand-gel

Date Added: 09 June 2020 Year: 2020 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2020_010_23 | Picture No: 14422

The Castle Hotel Gin Distillery, established in the old Fire Station in Castle Close continued in operation. Early in the lock-down there was a general shortage of alcohol-based hand-gel, the bacterial cleaning hand-gel being inappropriate for the important regular hand cleansing precautionary measure to prevent coronavirus infection. The distillery was prompt in recognising it could produce alcohol-based hand-gel in significant volume, by appropriate dilution of a by-product of the distillery process. A great initiative.

The sign in the distillery window asks purchasers to ‘BYOB’ (bring your own bottle), £1.00 per 100ml, a limit of 500ml per person, with contactless payment or exact cash. It became increasingly the case that contactless payment became the norm during lock-down, with many newspaper articles highlighting the demise of the cash economy.

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