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Scottish Government Covid-19 Route Map

Scottish Government Covid-19 Route Map

Date Added: 21 October 2020 Year: 2020 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2020_010_49 | Picture No: 14497

Booklet entitled 'Covid-19 Framework for Decision Making, Scotland’s route map through and out of the crisis, Phase 3 Update - 9 July 2020’ available on-line from the gov.scot website. This document provides a timeline guide to the easing of restrictions with re-opening and scaling up of facilities and services over Phase 3 but it continues to emphasise the need for vigilance on the part of everyone to observe necessary precautions, highlighted by the acronym ‘FACTS’: F - Face covering; A - Avoid crowded spaces; C - Clean hands regularly; T- Two metre distancing; S - Self isolate and book a test if you have symptoms. The pdf link provides access to the complete 20-page document.

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