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Film 'Links through Dornoch's History'

Date Added: 05 June 2020 Year: 2020 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2020_010_15 | Picture No: 14414

Historylinks Museum was unable to open on 1 April for the summer season, due to coronavirus restrictions. An immediate decision was made to concentrate on a 'virtual museum' enhancing Historylinks presence online. A team of volunteers working from social isolation at home began the process of making available the films in the museum archive directly available online on the Historylinks principal website. Shortly after the museum opening a film 'Links through Dornoch's History' had been available for visitor viewing and, as the leading 'virtual museum' project Peter Wild embarked on its updating, with additional drone's eye view footage. Fortunately he was able to maintaining synchronisation with the original Hannah Gordon commentary. In parallel, DHSCIO Chair, Jerry Bishop, established a Vimeo account, the necessary technology to provide the links to the archive of museum films. The end product, online by 26 April, received immediate, wide acclamation.

Dimensions: digital

Groups: Film


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