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Shoemaker's last

Shoemaker's last

Date Added: 15 December 2015 Year: 1900 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2015_049_03 | Picture No: 12363

A shoemaker's iron last providing three 'anvils' to fit large and small shoes and a heel. The shoemaker would sit with the last, supported by a hurdle or bench support between his legs, whilst manufacturing or repairing shoes. It was common for a last to be a household item so that fathers could repair the family shoes. In early times the repair process would involve replacement of leather soles and heels, often with the addition of metal studs and/or heel plates to prolong the life of the repair. Post 1945 there was increasing use of stick-on rubber soles and complete rubber heels affixed with small nails.

Dimensions: Length160 mm - Height 200mm - Width 170mm


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