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Carbide bicycle lamp

Carbide bicycle lamp

Date Added: 15 December 2015 Year: 1910 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2015_049_02 | Picture No: 12362

A silver metal carbide bicycle lamp overall dimensions 178mm high, 180mm in length (with spring bicycle clip attachment fully extended) with glass lens bell aperture 106mm diameter. The side of the lamp burner has two oval shaped green glass lens. The bottom carbide powder container has a knurled screw base for the replenishment of carbide powder. The ovoid shaped water tank is above the power container with a winged cap at the top. The cap would be periodically turned to regulate the release of water drops onto the carbide powder to produce the gas ignited to provide light. Adjustment would be necessary during the lamp's use. A domed vent with open apertures on either side is on the top of the flame housing. The front lens enclosure has a spring clip on the right and is hinged on the left-hand side to give access to light the gas. A clip attachment, fixed to the bottom carbide container and the top water tank, has dual spring arms fixed to a rear slot enclosure which would clip the lamp onto a small angled arm which formed an integral part at the centre of bicycle handlebars. Carbide powder could be purchased from Chemist shops or bought in tins at some garages. The bottom carbide powder container is engraved with a horizontal line with wording 'Do not fill above line'

Dimensions: Length180 mm - Height 178 mm - Width 106 mm


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