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'Monitor' primus stove

'Monitor' primus stove

Date Added: 15 December 2015 Year: 1935 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2015_049_04 | Picture No: 12364

A metal container 135 x 137 x 170 with embossed name "Monitor" on the front, containing a small primus stove for use camping or on picnics. The container is of light metal manufacture with the primus stove of brass. The top of the container has a hooped handle, is hinged with a curved rear side which clips in a slot in the container base to form a hinge. The front of the container hinges down and has a spring fastener at its top edge to engage a stud in a hole at the front end of the container top to secure it in place when fully closed. The base of the primus stove has a pressure pump on the front side, with a paraffin filling cap and integral pressure release valve on the upper surface. Below the burner head is a cup shape in which methylated spirit was placed to provide the heat source to vapourise the paraffin fuel. When the central fuel pipe had reached a sufficiently warm temperature with paraffin vapour reaching the burner head, the pressure release valve was closed and the pressure pump was used to achieve a suitably fierce flame for cooking.

Dimensions: Length135 mm - Height 170 mm - Width 135 mm


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