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WW1 'The Old Contemptibles'

Date Added: 28 March 2014 Year: 2014 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2014_012 | Picture No: 11982

Digital recording (MP3) and a video produced from the PowerPoint presentation with synchronised audio, of a talk given by John Barnes to the Dornoch Heritage Society on 20th March 2014. At short notice this presentation replaced that originally scheduled for a talk on WW1 by Mike Hook (picture #15679) 'The Old Contemptibles', the nickname self-adopted by the regular army British Expeditionary Force, during the first four months of WW1, was based on the Historylinks Museum 'Capt. Rose Collection' personal war diary (picture #6784) and selected photographs from the Lt Money albums.

Dimensions: digital recording

Groups: Film


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