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Interpretation panel for cathedral fountain

Interpretation panel for cathedral fountain

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Colour photograph of the interpretation panel for the fountain in front of Dornoch Cathedral.The Anderson Memorial Drinking Fountain was erected by Miss Georgina Anderson in 1892 and is located on Castle Street at Cathedral Green in Dornoch, Sutherland, Scotland.
The design is casting number 3 in the George Smith & Co. catalogue manufactured by the Sun Foundry. Four columns with obelisk finials rise from a double plinth to support a domed canopy. The interior column connectors to the dome are adorned with descending alligators and leafy decoration. They were considered a symbol of evil and were hung from the ceilings of cabinets as a reminder of the mortality of humanity.
The dome with a lamp finial covers the fluted pedestal and wide basin containing a putto holding an oar, seated on an upturned urn. There is a small basin at ground level for animals.
Commemorative panels over each arch contain inscriptions. The medallion on the north contains the Sutherland crest with the words Sans Peur, and on the south is the crest of the Royal Burgh of Dornoch. On the east the medallion is the Coat of Arms for the Anderson family, and the west medallion contains the Coat of Arms for Clan Munro (Georgina’s mother)
The words, Presented by Miss Georgina Anderson 1892, are displayed in raised metal letters on the arch.
In 1911 preparations were made to install a petrol lamp at the top of the fountain. On the 7 March 1984 it as listed as a historical category B building. A replacement putto was installed in 2010.

Image library comment: Images and information about Dornoch's drinking fountain may be found on the fascinating Blog found on link http://memorialdrinkingfountains.wordpress.com/ and view Anderson Memorial Drinking Fountain
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Dimensions: Width 100 mm - Height 150 mm


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