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Burgess ticket William Taylor 1787

Burgess ticket William Taylor 1787

Date Added: 06 October 2008 Year: 1787 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2007_209 | Picture No: 5381

Photocopy of burgess ticket, very similar to 2002_005 and possibly issued on same day (mentions the same office bearers), although it is in a different hand and the writing hard to decipher. Original had patterned ribbon and seal as 2002_005. "At Dornoch the Twenty third day of October One thousand seven hundred & eighty(?) seven years. In Presence of the Right Honourable Earl Gower Provost, Mr Hugh McCulloch, Lieut Coll James Sutherland of Uppat, Major George Sutherland of Elphin & Hugh Rose Esqr of Darn(?) Bailiies; Mr John Barclay Dean of Guild, Dugald Gilchrist Esqr of Lothbegg Treasurer; And remnent Members of the Council and Community of the Burgh of Dornoch. Compeared Mr William Taylor Writer in Dornoch who was Admitted, Created and Received ffree Burgess & Guild Brother of the said Council and Community With full power to him from henceforward to hold and enjoy all and sundry Liberties, Privileges and Immunities thereunto belonging, And he being accordingly Sworn conform to Use Extracted by Hugh McCulloch Clk".

Dimensions: Width 250 mm - Height 331 mm

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