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Dornoch Castle

Dornoch Castle

Date Added: 24 April 2008 Year Range: 1902 - 1966 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2007_089_017 | Picture No: 3303

Set of 7 monochrome postcards from the Basil Hellier collection of the Castle, Dornoch. 030 is a view from the rear but the remaining 6 view are of the frontage of the castle. 018 the reverse of 017 have an Isle of Skye address and a purple QEII 3 d stamp with Dornoch postmark 20 Ju 1966; 019 has a message at the foot of the photograph with the date 27th Sept 02 and the reverse 020 has a Netley Bridge address and a green Edward VII half penny stamp with Dornoch postmark 28 Sp 02; 022 the reverse of 021 has a Fort George address and an Edward VII half penny stamp with Ardgay postmark JY 16 09; 024 the reverse of 023 has a Brora address and a green George V half penny stamp; 026 the reverse of 025 has a Nottingham address and a red George G one penny stamp with a Sutherland postmark 16 Au 36; 028 the reverse of 027 has a London address and a red George VI 1d stamp with Edinburgh postmark 22 Oct 1938; 030 the reverse of 029 has a Castle Fraser, Cluny address but the stamp is missing

Dimensions: Length 138 mm - Width 92 mm


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