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Joiners, The Meadows, Dornoch

Date Added: 24 April 2008 Year: 2006 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2006_309 | Picture No: 2556

Collection of digital colour photographs taken in 2006 of the joiner's workshop built in 1905 in Meadows Park Road by William Grant (known as 'Beal'). At an unknown date the business was taken over by the son William Grant (known as 'Puff'). In 1970 Puff died and the business was then run by Mrs Grant. About 1980 the business was taken over by Cathel Matheson, a time served joiner from Skibo. In 1987 Cathel died and the business was taken over by Andrew Mackay and Neil Leslie.

The workshop was dismantled by Andrew and Neil in 2007 with subsequent building of houses and a container storage enclosure on the site.

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My sister and I remember climbing in and out of the small door in the photograph above, much to the annoyance of my father's apprentices. This door was used to transfer loads of wood into the workshop. During the winter this ground floor was always flooded and the wood had to be transferred to the first floor. We were always fascinated by the pictures of the "pin up" girls on the walls of the first floor !!! My father took over the business when my grandfather passed away in 1945. My father's dream was to become an architect but coming from a family of five there was not enough money to pay for the fees. Comment left on 27 March 2010 at 15:40 by Sandee Mackenzie nee Grant
Seeing this photo brought back memories.
I served my time as an apprentice joiner for 5 years with "Puffs" firm in 1960s. Best days of my working life. Everything done by hand with little machinery. I loved making stairs, windows, doors.
The Episcopal Church Porch was one of "Puffs" jobs. No "stay sharp and throw away" tools then.
Mr Grant sent me to the "Tech" in Golspie for Advanced Craft City & Guilds. This led me to professional qualifications in later life.
Mr Grant was a great Boss and I often think back to the start he gave me when I left school. I will always be grateful to him. When he died in 1970 at only 61years, I was on holiday and came home for his funeral. Great times, good friends for work.
Not many of "Puffs" men left today and even our workshop is gone. Mr Grant was also the local Undertaker (days before funeral directors) a duty I respectfully helped with this on many occasions.
We worked Xmas day but at New Year we all got a
bottle of whisky from the Boss and a weeks Holiday. Great start to Hogmanay.
Comment left on 08 March 2024 at 19:24 by John Alexander Fleming Sutherland Thank you for sharing your memories. Administrator
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