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Herring Fishing Industry

Herring Fishing Industry

Date Added: 24 January 2024 Year: 2024 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2024_001 | Picture No: 15949

A series of 25 A3 interpretation display boards about the herring fishing industry and also about Embo and its fishing fleet. Additional comments from Anne Coombs: On page 1 : “Initially people fished from the shore. Mesolithic shell middens, for example the one at Smoo Cave, Durness, can still be found along the coast. Later hooks and lines were used from the shore and then fishing from boats provided the catches*. They probably didn’t fish from boats until the Bronze age. Page 6: British Fisheries Society was founded in 1786. 4 ports reached planning stage and 2 were successful Page 14: The Zulu was difficult to convert to engine power so steam drifters were built to a different design. They were larger and faster. Page 20: The timbers would have also been used as fence posts and possibly even furniture as well as fuel. The metal fittings would have been sold for scrap. See also picture #10415 - a series of 10 photographs of remnants of Embo fishing boats at Loch Fleet

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