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Rhian Croft House – Field Research

Rhian Croft House – Field Research

Date Added: 24 January 2024 Year: 1987 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2022_034_25 | Picture No: 15948

Rhian is .. ‘a dry-stone walled, clay-hearted, rectangular constructed North-East Highland (Sutherland) croft house, with byre extensions, probably divot roofed, with central chimney hole – as there is no fireplace; near Dornoch. This represents an architectural advance on the basic Scottish long house, or “Black House”, but the absence of crucks for the necessary couples, is unexplained. The building, however, shows a remarkable degree of masonry craftsmanship, for those times.’ - Dr SJT Robertson – descriptive note
Hand written record and drawings of field research by the Dornoch Heritage Society (Team: James Bell, Jim Mitchell & Struan Robertson, 7-2-1987) together with a number of colour photographs.

Dimensions: A4

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