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Obituary of George Calder of Dornoch

Obituary of George Calder of Dornoch

Date Added: 18 September 2020 Year: 1971 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2020_016_02 | Picture No: 14487

A copy of the obituary published in the Northern Times of 21 May 1971 recording the sudden death at the age of 48 of George Calder of Dornoch, a prominent citizen of Dornoch and Inverness, well known businessman and golfer.

A lifelong member of Royal Dornoch Golf Club, George was a member of the Inverness Golf Club for 14 years; had been club captain for several years and president in the years 1968-70. As an administrator George served the golfing public as a member of the Council of the Northern District of the Scottish Golf Union. A first class, all-round golfer, George was Inverness club champion in 1955, Inverness county champion in 1958 and, on two occasions, a member of the Northern Counties Cup-winning team.

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