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A large twin bulb soda syphon

A large twin bulb soda syphon

Date Added: 09 January 2020 Year: 1910 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2019_067 | Picture No: 14261

A large glass soda syphon with two glass bulbs and 'pewter' workings on the top, It belonged to the donor's father and may have come from the Sutherland Arms Hotel before it burned down in 1941 where his father worked. The ceramic tube inside is chipped. Through this tube there is a glass tube running the length of the syphon. The syphon would have had a protective metal mesh, principally on the outside of the lower bulb to present shattering from the pressure generated when the syphon was charged with gas.

Dimensions: Height 500 mm - Diameter 220 mm


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