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Pension or allowance order book

Pension or allowance order book

Date Added: 01 May 2019 Year: 1989 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2018_055_45 | Picture No: 13900

A Department of Health and Social Security Pension or allowance order book bearing a Serial 26C and No. 05 8351124 on the left hand side and details of the Post Office of payment, Pension or allowance number, Payee's Ref No., Payee' name (Miss Bessie Wilson) and Address typed on the front cover. There are 10 counterfoils in the book, each bearing two Paying Office stamps confirming the removal of the payment order on a weekly basis from 5 May 1989 to 13 Oct 89

Dimensions: Length200 mm - Width 90 mm


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