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Clydesdale Bank PLC cheques

Clydesdale Bank PLC cheques

Date Added: 01 May 2019 Year: 1983 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2018_055_44 | Picture No: 13899

A bundle of 12 Clydesdale Bank presented cheques each bearing one or more bank 'Paid' dated stamp(s). Seven cheques bearing dates in Oct 1983 are in sequential order 000131 to 000136, three Nov 1983 cheques are numbers 000138, 140 and 141 and the final cheque dated 21 Feb 1984 is no 000226. All are signed by Margaret Wilson made payable to various companies, organisations and individuals. It was common practice at this time to return presented cheques to customers accompanying monthly statements of account

Dimensions: Length156 mm - Width 80 mm


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