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Clearances in Dornoch

Clearances in Dornoch

Date Added: 24 April 2008 Year Range: 1980 - 1990 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2004_034 | Picture No: 1278

12 photocopied pages from book by Robin Adam on Sutherland Estate management, detailing effects of clearances in Dornoch; includes maps and various extracts relating to individual areas.

Audit 01 - actually 11 pages present - including part of introduction; list of lands in parish of Dornoch 1811-16 detailing tenant, rent, duration, propietor's and tenants intersts, matters requiring attention; Appendix A which includes information on Dornoch in 1808 and 1815; and a map of the farmsteads and region.

Dimensions: A4

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