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Dornoch open market c 1920

Dornoch open market c 1920

Date Added: 12 July 2016 Year: 1920 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2016_010_022 | Picture No: 12593

From the ‘Gillespie Collection’ of monochrome prints from glass photographic plates, a view of a bustling market on Cathedral Green. The blurring of the young man on the right, who appears to be wearing scout uniform, bears witness to the slow camera shutter speed of the period. However the photograph was taken with a small aperture, evident from the depth of field achieved with the bustling crowd in focus. There is a tinker’s cart on the left with displayed wares; a stall with a large display of hung rabbits and. on the ground to the left, wicker shopping baskets. On the right a group of people are standing on the steps around the Fountain watching some activity taking place towards the Cathedral south door.

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