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Notes by Susan Read - Aberfoyle and ironmaking

Notes by Susan Read - Aberfoyle and ironmaking

Date Added: 08 October 2015 Year: 1970 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2015_024_13 | Picture No: 12254

Handwritten notes written on the reverse side of a yellow card about a bird study event at Bonar Church Hall. It is assumed this card was acquired as a matter of expediency to record details from some form of archaeological presentation at Bonar Church Hall. In small handwriting there is some difficulty in reading the notes but there is reference to Aberfoyle being one of the prime iron markets in Europe to which ironmasters came or sent their agents. There is also reference to Ferrara a Venetian swordsmith, forests for charcoal and various details about the whole process of iron making. [Access to the pdf copy permits enlargement which can assist in deciphering the script.]

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