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Army Club Sandhurst Size cigarette tin

Army Club Sandhurst Size cigarette tin

Date Added: 02 June 2015 Year: 1920 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2015_018_02 | Picture No: 12214

A pale green cigarette tin, with a chequered border to the lid and, at top right a colour head and shoulders image of general staff officer (red band to dress cap) with upturned greatcoat collar, smoking a cigarette. At the bottom left of the lid there is the inscription 'Army Club Sandhurst Size'. The left and right edges of the lid bear the inscription '50 Cigarettes'. The corners of the base of the tin are bordered in gold. The inner side of the lid has the same decoration as the top but in monochrome on silver background. Cavenders 'Army Club' cigarettes were manafactured by Godfrey Phillips Ltd of London from before the first world war until after the second. The brand was not exclusive to the military and the 'Sandhurst Size' was a sales slogan, obviously with reference to the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. Although the 'Army Club' brand is now defunct, Cavenders other cigarette brands are still (2015) marketed in India by Godfrey Phillips (GPI) which is owned by Philip Morris Inc.

Dimensions: Length 152 mm - Width 110 mm depth16 mm


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