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War Diaries 26 Company Canadian Forestry Corps

War Diaries 26 Company Canadian Forestry Corps

Date Added: 27 October 2014 Year: 2014 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2014_034_01 | Picture No: 12106

Large A4 ring file with the title 'The War Diaries of the 26th Company, Canadian Forestry Corps July 1942 - July 1943 produced by Hilary Fife to record the WW2 experience of her husband's grandfather Lieutenant Lloyd Lionel Brown. The file contains three sections. The first provides an introduction to the Canadian Forestry Corps recording the inter government agreement covering its deployment to the UK in WW2, its organisation, unit locations and an outline of its logging practice and experiences in Scotland. It records, inter alia, that "Environmental conditions, chiefly climatic, caused the most serious problems for Canadian Forestry Corps operations. 'Rain is not rationed!' " Lt Brown served in WW1 and in 26 Company CFC based at Clashmore Camp from July 1942 to July 1943. His cousin Lieutenant (later Capt) McCusker Brown also served in 26 Company. The second section provides extracts from the official War Diary of 26 Company providing fascinating insights to the day-to-day events and lifestyle of those serving in the Dornoch area. The third section provides two CDs with jpg images of each of the pages of the War Diary.

Dimensions: Length 320 mm - Width 286 mm thickness 74 mm

Groups: Canadian Forestry Corps


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