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Treasure Trove objects from Pitgrudy - Copper buckle

Treasure Trove objects from Pitgrudy - Copper buckle

Date Added: 29 December 2012 Year: 1400 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2010_075_01 | Picture No: 11485

First of 12 Treasure Trove objects from Pitgrudy Field 4 found by metal detection and acquired by the Inverness Museum & Art Gallery. A complete copper alloy annular buckle with a simple flattened strip of sheet bronze bent over the frame to act as a pin of which the very tip is missing. A distinction between buckles and brooches is made by Egan in discussing dress accessories from numerous excavations in London. Buckles, unlike brooches, have no restriction bar set into the frame and the pin can move freely as in this example. Dating of these small buckles ranges from the late 14th to early 15th centuries and their suggested use is as shoe buckles. Dim: dia: 18.2mm pin 21mm © Inverness Museum Inverness Museum Catalogue 2008.036.002

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Groups: Dornoch Finds and Treasure Trove


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