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Charles I 2d turner 1629

Charles I 2d turner 1629

Date Added: 16 May 2012 Year: 1629 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2006_180 | Picture No: 11134

Two pence Scots copper turner (one sixth penny English) of Charles I's first coinage (1629). The benefit of this issue went to the Earl of Stirling in order to redeem a large debt owed to him by the crown, and these coins are therefore called Stirling turners.

The coin has a thistle on one side with the lettering CAROLVS.D.G.MAG.BRIT. in a band round the rim, and a lion on the other with the lettering FRAN.&.HIB.REX.

This coin was sent to the NMAS for identification by the donor in 1975. The response from the NMAS is in the object information file in the front office.

Dimensions: Diameter 17mm

Groups: Dornoch Finds and Treasure Trove


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