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Horse drawn mower on the Royal Dornoch Golf Course

Horse drawn mower on the Royal Dornoch Golf Course

Date Added: 17 February 2012 Year: 1910 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2004_165 | Picture No: 10796

Enlarged photo of Dornoch golf course being mowed with a horse-drawn mower. Mounted on board.

Dimensions: Height 410mm - Width 505mm


I have set up a free website www.golfsmissinglinks.org.uk. It records the history of defunct golf clubs and courses throughout Great Britain.

Would it be possible to use a copy of the above image on the website using the necessary attribution?
Comment left on 21 December 2012 at 11:14 by John Llewellyn Thank you for your enquiry and the link to your website. I have viewed your website and seen that you have an entry for the old Ladies Course here at Dornoch. Whilst it is true that the course as named the Ladies Course is no longer with us, after the Second World War, when is was used as an airfield, the course was repaired and extended and is now called the Struie Course and is therefore still very much alive and in use. Notwithstanding that I can see no problem with the use of the above image on your informative website with, as you say, full attribution. Images do not have enough definition to be taken from the image library and so I will send you the image by separate email Administrator
The statement above, that the Ladies Course was repaired and extended and renamed the Struie Course, is contradicted by Dr John Macleod's authoritative history of the Royal Dornoch Golf Club. Dr John stated that, while no original plan of the Ladies Course exists, Tom Tew produced a map based on the recollections of some of the older members. This showed that the course extended across the lower links to an area which was tidal at certain times of the year. When the Struie Course (then known as the "Low Course") was created after WW2 as a nine hole course, it consisted of six holes which had formerly been part of the main course and three from the Ladies Course. The subsequent extensions of the Struie to 18 holes follow an entirely different route from that of the former Ladies Course - to have done otherwise would have involved digging up the airstrip! All that remains of the Ladies Course in the present layout are two holes: the 15th and 16th of the Struie, which were once respectively the 17th and 1st of the Ladies Course.

I therefore think that Mr Llewellyn is justified in classifying the Ladies Course as defunct. He could in fact have gone further and classified two former Ladies Courses at Dornoch as defunct: according to Dr John's history, an earlier and completely different Ladies Course was opened in 1899 and returned to nature during WW1, whilst the one destroyed in WW2 was opened in 1923.

Judging by the positions of the Grange and the Station Hotel in the above photograph, the horse-drawn mower is on what is now the 1st hole of the Struie. If the date (1910) in the caption is correct, the hole was then the 13th of the main course as reconstructed in 1904 by the great John Sutherland, with considerable input from the legendary JH Taylor.

Comment left on 28 December 2012 at 12:17 by David MacLean Many thanks for clarifying the history of the Ladies Course Administrator
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