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Weight found at Burghfield

Weight found at Burghfield

Date Added: 09 October 2010 Year: 1400 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2002_247_134 | Picture No: 9702

Squat pear-shaped brass weight decorated with groups of three dots below rim and loop, found in the Burghfield fields grid reference NH793 905. The Treasure Trove evaluation CO.TT. 205/09 states "Dating this weight precisely is challenging as so few early weights of this utilitarian sort survive. By comparison this example is most likely to date to the 15th century. In itself this would make it an interesting find, however, the authentication marks also indicate that this weight was manufactured in London and must logically have comprised part of a weight set calibrated to the English medieval standard. This is an interesting coda to previous material discovered in Dornoch which show a burgh operating as part of a mainstream European economy, including the use of coinage - in particular non-Scottish issues and a range of material culture which points to the importation of goods, presumably from manufacturing centres such as London."

Dimensions: Diameter 14 mm


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