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Annular brooch found at St. Gilbert street

Annular brooch found at St. Gilbert street

Date Added: 09 October 2010 Year: 1600 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2002_247_121 | Picture No: 9701

Small copper alloy medieval annular brooch with pin, from garden in St Gilbert Street. The flat surface of the ring is decorated with a geometric pattern of lines. The ring is very thin and is worn through in one place. In one place the metal of the ring is narrowed and thickened to form a bar on which the simple pin hinges. The pin has no collar. The Treasure Trove evaluation CO.TT 205/09 states: "These are common finds around the Dornoch area and are a good example of the type of western European styles in wide currency in the area."

Dimensions: Diameter 25mm


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