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Post Office Collection

Post Office Collection

Date Added: 26 September 2010 Year: 1930 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2004_025_001 | Picture No: 9587

Framed notice giving details of post office opening hours, collection times, telegram and phone details. The name of the post office is given as "Dornoch The Square" but this is written on a piece of paper stuck on to the original notice in the same writing as that used to create other props for the tourist office. The name of the post office to which the notice actually referred has been torn out. A strip of paper stating "Postmistress: Morag Sutherland" is stuck to the glass with Blutack: this is presumably also bogus. This was in the old Dornoch post office while it was used as a tourist and admin office by the Highlands of Scotland Tourist Board.

Dimensions: Height 372mm - Width 245mm

Groups: Communications and Transport


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