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Armband for Special Constable Alex Mackay

Armband for Special Constable Alex Mackay

Date Added: 28 February 2010 Year: 1914 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2001_289_001 | Picture No: 8283

Armband for Special Constable Alex Mackay (1873-1977) in buff coloured webbing with two blue stripes, buckle and metal plate inscribed "Special Constable 7"; indistinct maker's name and number on plate.

Dimensions: Length 450 mm - Width 45mm

Groups: Hidden Gems


Alex was a relation of my Father Tom Sutherland.
I donated the armband along with his First aid booklet a number of years ago.
He also served in Helmsdale. I donated a couple of his photographs in Police uniform to Timespan some years ago.
Comment left on 06 June 2017 at 13:20 by John Sutherland
Alexander MacKay from Dornoch (formerly a Labourer) joined Sutherland Constabulary as a Constable on 15th Nov 1895 (aged 22). He was paid 20/5d when he started. After initial training at HQ in Dornoch, he was posted to Helmsdale in January 1896, and then to Stoer in September 1897. Then in May 1898 he was moved again, this time to Rosehall, and yet again in May 1900 to Rhiconich. Possibly he was by now a married man as his postings thereafter were longer. In November 1904 he went to Lairg, then to Dornoch in June 1906. His final posting was to Rosehall again in May 1913 (by which time his wages were Scale V - 28/7d), and he resigned there on 5th July 1913. There is NO mention of him being taken back on as a Special Constable for the war - but the record I quote from was only for full-time officers, so likely some sort of record was kept elsewhere. Sadly such record - not required by law unlike those for full-time officers which DID have to be completed and kept - has likely not survived. Chief Constable Chisholm was one shrew cookie, so it made sense for him to re-recruit former officers as Wartime Specials. Hope this helps, and I would love to more about the man - especially a photo if possible, for my "online museum": www.facebook.com/NorConMuseum/
Dave Conner
Northern Constabulary, retired
(who was also stationed at Helmsdale 1982-1985)
Comment left on 15 October 2018 at 22:52 by Dave Connerr
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