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Memories of Childhood in Dornoch 1939-1945

Memories of Childhood in Dornoch 1939-1945

Date Added: 09 July 2009 Year: 1939 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2009_060 | Picture No: 7727

Locally produced A4 booklet with title 'Memories of Childhood in Dornoch 1939 - 1945' by Lorna (Macrae) Currie. Cover page has the title and author with a tartan border. The 35 pages have monochrome photographs relating to the family, including their houses and cars, and colour images of various documents: a Ministry of Food pamphlet No 6 'How to Plan Meals for Children; the cover of a National Anthems music sheet price 6d; an arithmetical table as commonly used in schools; pages from a children's story book; the cover of a Sunday School magazine 'Morning Rays'.

Use the pdf link below to access a copy of the original version.

The archive copy includes annotations in an editing of the document by Sue Higgins and Lorna Currie in 2009.

Dimensions: A4

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