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Photograph of book with

Photograph of book with "Kathleen Lyon" and "Extract of Matriculation" on open pages.

Date Added: 06 March 2009 Year: 2009 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2001_125_116 | Picture No: 7168

Monochrome negative, in glassite sleeve, taken from a collection belonging to Miss Lyon showing a book with "Kathleen Lyon" and "Extract of Matriculation" on open pages.

Dimensions: Height 136 mm - Width 201 mm


What is shown is not an open book, but the actual vellum document from the Court of the Lord Lyon, rather sacrilegiously fastened for the photograph to a backboard with drawing pins! The seal can be seen resting on the seat of the chair. Sadly the text is not readable, but the arms appear to be those which were later matriculated to Margaret Rose-Ross-McGilchrist-Gilchrist in 1913, so it would be good to know how Kathleen Lyon and she were related. If that is correct they are: 1 and 4 Gules and lion rampant Argent armed and langued Azure within a bordure Argent (red, silver lion with blue tongue and claws and a silver border); 2 Gules three lions rampant Argent within a bordure invected Argent (red and silver); and 3 Or a boar's head couped Gules between three water-bougets Sable all with a bordure chequy of the first and last (gold, red and black.) The first seems confusingly to be Dunbar, the second is a branch of Ross of Balnagown and the third is Ross (of Auchlossin?) A look at the family tree would firm this up - or better still, is it known where that Extract of Matriculation is now? Comment left on 07 April 2022 at 23:40 by Graeme Muckart I am afraid that we don't know where this Extract is now Administrator
It turns out that this was Miss Lyon having a bit of fun! This in fact is the Extract of Matriculation of Arms to Margaret Rose-Ross-McGilchrist-Gilchrist (the name is just readable once you know it is there) of 1913 which Miss Lyon has retouched in the photograph to add her own name. An early example of photoshopping! Thanks to the Secretary to the Office of the Lord Lyon for unravelling the puzzle. Heraldically there is still a mystery as to the absence of any Gilchrist coat in the arms, and genealogically the relationship between the armiger and Miss Lyon, who obviously had the document in her possession. Comment left on 13 July 2023 at 18:00 by Graeme Muckart
Correction to my first comment. The arms in the first and fourth quarters are those of McGilchrist of Northbar(r), in the second Ross (of Auchanloich?) and in the third those of Rose (of Tarlogie?) Comment left on 13 July 2023 at 18:05 by Graeme Muckart
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