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The Great Victorians

The Great Victorians

Date Added: 01 March 2009 Year: 1933 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2003_328_005 | Picture No: 6999

The Great Victorians ~ articles on eminent Victorians by different writers, including Edmund Blunden (on Matthew Arnold), Rebecca West (on Charlotte Bronte) and G.K.Chesterton (on Charles Dickens), published by Ivor Nicholson & Watson 1932. Label affixed inside front cover: "Dornoch Academy 1st Prize awarded to Donald P Calder Class V & VI for 1st Total English, Latin; 1st eq Mathematics; 2nd History, French; 3rd Literature. AA Moir MA Rector 1st July 1933". Dark red covers.

Dimensions: Width 143mm - Height 221mm thickness 54mm

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