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Notes on road building in Sutherland

Notes on road building in Sutherland

Date Added: 22 January 2009 Year: 2009 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2007_266_02 | Picture No: 6332

Notes made by Miss Lyon, on the building of roads and bridges in Sutherland from the beginning of the 19th century. Contains typed sheets with handwritten additions and corrections and entirely handwritten sheets. Refers to bundle numbers of original documents. In some cases the reverse sides of other documents have been used for the notes - details below. 38 sheets tied with string. The sheets were numbered in pencil on the reverse during cataloguing.

List of reused documents:
p9. Letter to Dugald Gilchrist from Alexander Gair, British Linen Bank Tain, 9/12/1837
p10. Typed notes headed "Make Do & Mend in the 18th Century"
p13. Page 41 of a handwritten document, probably early/mid 19th c. apparently about marital obligations
p15. Page 45 of same document
p18. Letter to DG from Alexander Macartney, Commercial Bank of Scotland Edinburgh, 29/8/1829
p19. Letter to DG from Robert Paul same bank, 5/2/1830
p20. Letter to DG from Robert Paul same bank, 5/10/1825
p21. Letter to DG from Robert Paul same bank, 17/4/1827
p22. Similar to p13&15. Page 248 of document apparently about legal aspects of buying and selling
p23. Page 250 of same document
p24. Typed notes on Hawkins/Dempster family
p25. Page 253 of above document
p26. Typed notes related to p24
p27. Ditto
p28. Ditto. Hawkins children brought up by George Dempster after their parents' deaths
p29. Printed information for stockholders of unknown company 1954
p31. Outside of letter to DG 5/9/1822
pp32-37. As p28
p38. Carbon copy of letter from Miss Lyon, Fairfield, Overton, Wrexham, to a Mr Macleod re dispute over buildings on croft, 25/10/1954

Dimensions: Width 202 mm - Height 257 mm

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