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Old fish and chip shop at rear of St Gilbert Street garage

Old fish and chip shop at rear of St Gilbert Street garage

Date Added: 07 November 2008 Year: 2007 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2008_068_26 | Picture No: 6047

Colour photograph of a stone and slate building at the rear of the main St Gilbert Street garage workshop, which prior to being used as a parts store was run as a fish and chip shop by Allan Mackenzie and his wife Dorothy.

The interior photos are rather cluttered with garage parts but the wooden and glass screen which separated the take-away customers from sitting diners and the extraction hood for fryer can be seen.

Click on pdf link below for 3 interior images of the old fish and chip shop 2008_068_27 to 29

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In 1950's and early 60's I remember the chip shop being run by San McGREGOR and his wife. We used to frequent there before going to the pictures in the West Church hall - projectionist Jock Smith and usherette Jenny Mcrae. Jock was the mechanic at the Bus garage and Jenny the Domestic Science Teacher Comment left on 22 December 2010 at 00:30 by Dan Murray
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