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Dornoch Academy Magazine 1982

Dornoch Academy Magazine 1982

Date Added: 05 October 2008 Year: 1982 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2011_032 | Picture No: 5307

Dornoch Academy Magazine 1982 consisting of 54 pages with a yellow card cover, the front decorated with a woodblock bearing the title 'Dornoch Academy Magazine 1982'. The front cover is annotated with the name Eoin Riddell. Below the Foreword, by W F Macdougall, Rector, on the first page there is an acknowledgement "This is the first magazine produced by Dornoch Academy in a decade and many people have helped in its production. We would like to express particular thanks to Mr Eadie and his team of artists for giving the magazine life, despite technical limitations. The typists have given much of their energy to their task and we realise that without them no magazine would have come to be published. Finally, and most importantly, thank YOU very much for buying our offering, We hope you enjoy reading the 'Mag'." Pen and ink artwork appears throughout the magazine with attribution to: Gavin Ross, Jennifer Munro, Stephen Cowie, Louise Gunn, Ruth Campbell, Kevin McGrath, Dawn Webster and Andrew Skinner

Dimensions: A4

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