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Robert Brothers Circus Programme

Robert Brothers Circus Programme

Date Added: 06 July 2008 Year: 1950 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2008_028 | Picture No: 4385

Programme for Robert Bros Hip Hip Zoo Ray Mammoth Circus, which featured performing llamas, Wizzbang the unrideable mule and comedy aerialists The Three Julios among 23 acts. There was also a travelling zoo with lions, bears etc which could be visited for 6d. This may be the same group photographed at Helmsdale Castle (Timespan has a copy). No definite information at present about visits to Dornoch - this needs to be followed up. Printed in red on a single sheet with a picture of a lion on the front.

[Marie Roberts: dancer, horse rider and circus artiste, the last surviving member of the quartet who ran the Robert Brothers Circus, one of Britain's largest travelling shows, died on 20 September 2008 aged 94. A copy of her obituary, published in The Times of 2 October 2008 can be accessed from the Document link below - Administrator]

Dimensions: Width 252 mm - Height 190 mm

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Around 1950 would be more accurate!

Comment left on 22 March 2015 at 09:01 by Chris Stone Your date is much more likely to be correct as the dancing troupe called Hip-Hip-Zoo-Ray were around from 1944 and were choreographed by Marie Roberts, wife of Tommy, one of the Robert Bros. I will amend the date Administrator
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