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Thomas Hardie's photograph album

Thomas Hardie's photograph album

Date Added: 24 April 2008 Year Range: 1909 - 1919 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2004_011_10 | Picture No: 401

Page 9 with 8 monochrome photographs of various sizes and shapes, some of poor quality, including T Hardie setting out for church in horse trap, Standard Bearer, No 9 Platoon and D Company Kings African Rifles

Audit 01 - page 9 all photos have handwritten notation in black ink - top left "Hamish & Marie Autumn 1916"; top middle "I set out for churchin 1911"; top right "Marie at Ferrytown 1916"; middle left "Sergt Yassuf Kagwa, Standard Bearer of 'D' Coy 4/4 KAR. Dar-es-salaam 1919"; middle middle "Misses Chris, Nan and Meg Stewart Perth 1910"; middle right " '1 year leave' smile. Major Pinder & Capt King, 'all dressed up' en route for Blightly. Daressalaam Nov 1918."; bottom left " 'D' Coy. 4/4 th KAR Daressalaam March 1919"; bottom right "No. 9: Kaveronds Platoon 4/4 th KAR. 3 photos very faded.

Dimensions: Height 322mm - Width 275mm

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