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Thomas Hardie's photograph album

Thomas Hardie's photograph album

Date Added: 24 April 2008 Year Range: 1909 - 1919 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2004_011_06 | Picture No: 398

Page 5 with 10 monochrome photographs of various sizes and shapes with some of poor quality, including Clashmore House, groups of soldiers of Lovat Scouts, aspiring KAR (Kings African Rifles) officers 1917, cook house and staff Lovat Scouts Beauly 1915 and kit inspection HMT Princess 1917

Audit 01 - page 5 all photos have handwritten notation in black ink - Top left " Marie & Vita"; top middle "Lt. Geo. Roso, Black Watch, "Resting" at Beauly, January 1915 'some' foot"; top right "Clashmore House"; middle left "Group of aspiring KAR officers, R.M.S. "Gaika" July 1917"; middle middle top "Group of 1st &2nd Lovat Scouts, Beauly, 1915"; middle middle bottom "Longing to "get out" - Lovat Scouts, 1915"; middle right "Lt Jock Nethercote my "stable companion" 3rd British General Hospital, Nairobi B.E.A. January, 1918"; bottom left "Cook house & staff, Lovat Scouts, Beauly, 1915"; bottom middle " 'Kit inspection' H.M.T. Princess 1917" photo has ink stains; bottom right "T.J.H. , Mr & Mrs Rex Allen taken at Hospital ,Nairobi, 1918". Page is torn.

Dimensions: Height 322mm - Width 275mm

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