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Free Church Sunday School outing

Free Church Sunday School outing

Date Added: 24 April 2008 Year Range: 1890 - 1910 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2006_278 | Picture No: 2526

Black and white photo of a large group of mainly young men and women in the countryside. Some are sitting in long grass at the front, with the rest standing behind. At the right is a charabanc drawn by two horses with a few older people on it or nearby, and two pipers standing in front. The horses' heads are being held by a top-hatted driver. The whole group is in front of a low stone wall with trees behind. Immediately behind and above the group to the left of centre can be seen a figure holding a rifle aloft - presumably a statue. Cambusmore Lodge? written on reverse.
The photo is excellent quality and very sharp, but has a band of pest holes running diagonally down across the centre. It has also been very roughly cut from a larger mount. The surface of the image is slightly scratched and scuffed.

Dimensions: Width 315mm - Height 200mm


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