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Migdale Woods - 'The Canadian Forestry Corps'

Date Added: 12 June 2024 Year: 2015 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2015_001_04 | Picture No: 16006

The first in a series of 'soundslides' produced by Woodland Trust volunteer interns featuring beautiful photography and the voices of local people sharing their memories and knowledge of a particular events in the history of Ledmore and Migdale Woods.

This 'soundslide' recalls the Canadian Forestry Corps felling timber in Migdale Woods, with Blossom Gow and Hamish Matheson providing memories of the Corps stationed at Spinningdale during World War 2.

Historylinks Museum collaborated with the Woodland Trust providing images for the soundslides and it was agreed that the recordings should be added to the Historylinks Museum collection.

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