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DVD of Investiture of Chris Murray

DVD of Investiture of Chris Murray

Date Added: 20 September 2023 Year: 2004 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2023_001_47 | Picture No: 15901

DVD of Investiture of Chris Murray at Buckingham Palace on 18/02/2004, entitled 'Path of Honour'. British Ceremonial Arts (BCA), who produce the video are joint copyright holders with The Crown, and Buckingham Palace only allow the complete video to be made available to recipients for their personal use. Additionally BCA are allowed to license the investiture ceremony material only, without Royal voiceovers, to broadcasters and for commercial use. Following email exchange, BCA kindly granted permission, with waiver of the licence fee, to enable Historylinks Museum to provide a direct link from the Historylinks Archive website to the clip of the investiture ceremony involving Chris Murray and his colleagues who jointly saved 9 lives in a dramatic sea rescue =- see picture #15226

Dimensions: digital recording

Groups: Chris Murray


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