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Coastguard Insignia

Coastguard Insignia

Date Added: 07 February 2023 Year Range: 1990 - 2005 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2023_001_19 | Picture No: 15225

A set of four Coastguard badges together with a set of HM Coastguard epaulettes.

The 4 badges are:

Top left - HM Coastguard badge with SAR in a gold circle between golden wings 115mm x 700mm
Bottom left - HM Coastguard Search & Rescue badge of bearing a helicopter 115mm x 700mm
Top middle - Circular Bristow Search and Rescue MCA badge bearing a helicopter 100mm diameter
Bottom Middle - S – 61N Coastguard Search and Rescue badge bearing a helicopter 85mm

Right - Pair of HM Coastguard epaulettes with 3 gold stripes. Width 60mm x height 50mm

Dimensions: Various (see text)

Groups: Chris Murray


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