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Royal Navy Diving Helmet

Royal Navy Diving Helmet

Date Added: 11 January 2023 Year Range: 1940 - 1950 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2023_001_01 | Picture No: 15206

Royal Navy Diving Helmet worn by Chris Murray during his naval service. The brass and copper helmet is very heavy with a number of external connections and within the dome a two-wire lead presumably for communications connection. The helmet has an embossed, oval label at the front ‘Siebe Gorman & Co Ltd Submarine Engineers London (Patent)’. The company which produced diving helmets used by several navies around the world, ceased trading in 1980. This 6-bolt helmet was known as the ‘British Admiralty Pattern B’ and replaced the 12-bolt ‘Pattern A’, ultimately being known as the ‘Admiralty Pattern’ helmet.

Dimensions: Height 450mm - Width 400mm

Groups: Chris Murray


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