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Dornoch Drama Group script

Dornoch Drama Group script

Date Added: 19 September 2019 Year: 1950 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2019_047_01 | Picture No: 14152

Foolscap size thin card cover file with handwritten title 'And Far-Off The Reaping bt A. L. Loman. The 14 enclosed typewritten pages are the script of the play. The is an additional flimsy paper, typewritten insert with centre top heading 'X + 14' with an addition to the script involving 4 of the characters. There is no date indicating when this play was performed by the Dornoch Drama Group. The spine of the file has been reinforced using sellotape.

Dimensions: Length350 mm - Width 205 mm

Groups: Clubs and Societies


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