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Bushel measure 1869

Bushel measure 1869

Date Added: 15 August 2019 Year: 1869 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2019_040_02 | Picture No: 14136

A wooden measure, in the form of a segment of a barrel with two iron lifting handles , used for the measurement of a 'Bushel' of grain. This type of measure was commonly used for all types of grain and salt, ore and oysters. The volume equals 64 pints or 33lbs corn weight. Sales were normally by dry weight with the measure filled then weighed and paid for by weight.

There is an external engraved marking 'IMPL [Imperial] BUSHEL 1869' beneath which is a smaller engraved mark of a crown shape with 'GR 90' (there could have been other eroded numerals adjacent to the 90). On the base there is a central impressed marking with 'SERIAL' within a circular stamp shape and on either side proof type marks in the form of a primitive crown shape beneath which is 'VR 180'

Dimensions: Diameter 480 mm - Height 260 mm


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