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Ancient Monuments of Sutherland & Ospisdale Stone

Ancient Monuments of Sutherland & Ospisdale Stone

Date Added: 26 June 2019 Year: 1943 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2007_266_38 | Picture No: 14089

Letters to Miss Lyon following her enquiries. The first, the Royal Commission on Ancient Monuments (Scotland) in response to her letter of 30 May 1943 seeking information on ancient monuments in Scotland. It refers to two main documents: 'Scotland in Pagan Times - Stone and Bronze Ages' and the Commission's 'Inventory of the Ancient Monuments in the County of Sutherland'.

The second letter is from the National Museum of Antiquities Scotland concerning the age of the standing stone at Ospisdale.

Dimensions: Width 148 mm - Height 208 mm

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