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Bundle of invoices

Bundle of invoices

Date Added: 01 May 2019 Year: 1943 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2018_055_64 | Picture No: 13920

A 23 document bundle of invoices from shops and tradesmen in the Dornoch and surrounding area during the period 1947 - 1984. There is one price list (in shillings not including postage and packing) from the Metharaam Hindamal Ltd Grand Indian Bazaar, 119 Main Street, Gibralter. detailing wares including nylons, ladies underwearm, items of bedding, 'Walking and Sleeping Dolls', Glass Wear(sic) and Teddy Bears. Some of the local invoices bear a 2d (two penny) postage stamp endorsed with receipt signature - this was a purchase tax practice at the time.

Dimensions: Length200 mm - Width 130 mm

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