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Dornoch Dairy 1/2  pint milk bottle

Dornoch Dairy 1/2 pint milk bottle

Date Added: 18 May 2018 Year: 1940 Institution Name: dnhhl Cat No: | 2018_009_03 | Picture No: 13676

A 1/2 pint milk bottle, embossed with the name of the Dornoch Dairy and 'Phone 245'. This type of milk bottle was commonly used for house-to-house milk deliveries until the emergence of supermarket stores eroded local milk delivery services. Deliveries were originally conducted by hand-cart or horse cart, predominantly with milk churns from which milk was dispensed to household jugs, with limited use of glass bottles (see 2007.367 and 2006.360). Ultimately churn deliveries gave way to deliveries by glass bottle only and the horse and cart was superseded by motorised transport.

Dimensions: half pint


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